florentina1(Photo source) Over? Finished? You're kidding. We truly believed this had been put to bed, and that Florentina would be left alone to put her life back together again after it was destroyed by the tragedy which took the lives of six babies, injured five, and left her the scapegoat and whipping boy of a disaster that was neither her fault nor her responsibility. But no. Berbeck just wrote with the news...

Today, Florentina was condemned to two years and two months (inc. the two months she has already spent incarcerated) in jail. The technical service chief, Gigel Oprea, was sentenced to two years (is that ALL?!?) and the electrician Vasile Dima who mysteriously came by a cancer diagnosis in 2011 conveniently letting him off the hook back then has also been sentenced - to a suspended two years and eight months. Ioan Adrian Toma, chief of Neontology, was found guilty of negligence but acquitted. Bogdan Marinescu (the hospital manager) however - the TRUE criminal in all this along with Atila, Boc and all the other cronies in government at the time - was fined a miserly 6500 lei and also acquitted by the judge. Florentina and Giulesti Maternity have also been ordered to pay between 50-350,000 euros to the families of the victims in moral and material damages.

Representatives of Giulesti Maternity Hospital say they cannot pay such a sum for the money simply is not there. I am quite sure that Forentina doesn't have it hiding under her mattress either.

"In principle, the maternity hospital has no money for such things. There is no money in state hospitals. I just don’t know how we will proceed in this situation. I don’t know who will pay. The solution will have to be given by those making the laws’’, Giulesti Maternity spokesman, Dr. Doru Pana, told a press conference yesterday. He noted that the hospital does not receive EUR 4.3 M in an entire year. The maternity hospital is coordinated by the Bucharest Municipality at present, although, when the tragedy happened, it was under the Ministry of Health. Let them and Marinescu (who certainly isn't hard up thanks to his private practice) compensate the families for the appalling tragedy caused by their own incompetence and negligence...

Regarding malpractice, Pana said the hospital only covers medical errors and "not the consequences of a faulty power socket". That just about says it all.

Florentina's crime? Leaving the room for 12 minutes during a long 12h shift in which she was alone to take care of 11 newborns on high dependency - in a hospital department with NO smoke detectors and an old and dodgy electrical installation. She was not responsible for the staff shortages, the bad scheduling, the lack of a crystal ball nor the NINE year old aircon system that hadn't been overhauled in all that time

The decision is not final and can be appealed - the final judgment could take another year. Let's hope it does and that justice will prevail, though from the start, it has been clear that Florentina is to be the ţapul ispăşitor. I do not know who Florentina now has for a lawyer but I hope he/she is a good one.

What a banana republic this country is. Florentina Carstea is being bashed because of two deeply rotten systems: health and justice - two basic human rights that are all but alive and well in Romania. It is far easier, isn't it, to blame someone like Florentina, than to address the problem at its root and then go after those who are responsible for it. Why bother. Just put an elastoplast on a wooden leg and merge si asa...

This from Hotnews:

Incendiul de la Maternitatea Giulesti: Asistenta Florentina Carstea a fost condamnata la 2 ani si doua luni de inchisoare cu executare pentru ucidere din culpa si la plata de despagubiri de pana la 350.000 de euro

de Alina Neagu     HotNews.ro
Marţi, 9 iulie 2013, 16:52 


Florentina Carstea, fosta asistenta la Maternitatea Giulesti, a fost condamnata marti de magistratii Judecatoriei Sectorului 6 la doi ani si doua luni inchisoare cu executare pentru savarsirea infractiunilor de ucidere din culpa si vatamare corporala grava din culpa, in dosarul incendiului din 16 august 2010, in urma caruia au murit sase bebelusi, anunta Agerpres. Florentina Carstea a primit 2 ani si doua luni de  inchisoare pentru ucidere din culpa si cinci pedepse a cate 10 luni pentru vatamare corporala grava din culpa, urmand sa execute pedeapsa cea mai grea, respectiv 2 ani si doua luni. Decizia de marti a instantei nu este definitiva si poate fi atacata cu recurs.

In acelasi dosar, electricianul spitalului, Gigel Oprea, a primit doi ani de inchisoare cu executare, iar seful Serviciului tehnic, Vasile Dima, a fost condamnat la doi ani si opt luni de inchisoare cu suspendare, cu un termen de incercare de patru ani.

De asemenea, fostul manager al spitalului, medicul Bogdan Marinescu, a fost obligat la plata unei amenzi penale de 6.500 de lei, iar seful Sectiei de Neonatologie, medicul Ioan Adrian Toma, a fost achitat.

Spitalul Clinic de Obstetrica si Ginecologie "Prof. Dr. Panait Sarbu" a fost obligat de instanta sa plateasca o amenda penala in cuantum de 400.000 de lei.

Totodata, asistenta Florentina Carstea a fost obligata sa plateasca in solidar cu spitalul catre familiile ai caror bebelusi au murit sau au suferit arsuri in urma incediului sume cuprinse intre 50.000 euro si 350.000 euro, reprezentand despagubiri morale si materiale. SC Astra Asigurari urmeaza sa achite o parte din aceste despagubiri in limita a 10.000 euro pentru asistenta si in limita a 500.000 de euro pentru spital.

Spitalul va trebui sa afiseze hotararea instantei pe o perioada de doua luni.

Decizia de marti nu este definitiva si poate fi atacata cu recurs.

Potrivit Parchetului General, pe 16 august 2010, in jurul orei 18,30, in salonul de Terapie Intensiva nou-nascuti, din Sectia de Neonatologie a Spitalul Clinic de Obstetrica si Ginecologie "Prof. Dr. Panait Sarbu", a izbucnit un incendiu in urma caruia sase nou-nascuti aflati in salon au decedat, iar alti cinci au suferit vatamari corporale grave.

De asemenea, s-a produs o paguba materiala de 1.500.602 lei, prin distrugerea aparaturii medicale si a celorlalte obiecte din salon.

Din probatoriul administrat de procurori a rezultat ca in data de 16 august 2010, potrivit planificarii, de serviciu era asistenta Florentina Carstea, pe o tura de 12 ore, care a inceput la ora 7,00 si se finaliza la ora 19,00. Aceasta nu si-a indeplinit atributiile de serviciu stabilite in fisa postului, in sensul ca nu a supravegheat in permanenta nou-nascutii aflati in salonul de Terapie Intensiva.

Astfel, la ora 18,24, ea a parasit in mod nejustificat salonul, lipsind aproximativ 12 minute, ceea ce a facut imposibila sesizarea momentului izbucnirii incendiului si luarea masurilor de evacuare a nou-nascutilor, cu consecinte extrem de grave, respectiv decesul a sase nou-nascuti si vatamarea grava a altor cinci.

Procurorii sustin ca medicul Bogdan Marinescu, in calitate de manager al spitalului, nu a efectuat demersuri pentru infiintarea in cadrul unitatii spitalicesti a Serviciului Intern de Prevenire si Protectie, astfel cum prevad dispozitiile Legii 319/2006.

De asemenea, Vasile Dima, in calitate de sef al Serviciului tehnic in cadrul spitalului si responsabil cu protectia si prevenirea incendiilor in cadrul aceleiasi unitatii, nu si-a respectat obligatiile referitoare la revizia si intretinerea instalatiei electrice si nu a luat masuri de organizare a activitatii de prevenire si stingere a incendiilor, factori care au contribuit la producerea, amplificarea si neluarea masurilor imediate de stingere a incendiului.

Parchetul arata ca medicul Ioan Adrian Toma, in calitate de sef al Sectiei de Neonatologie din cadrul spitalului, a gestionat in mod defectuos resursele umane existente si nu a luat masurile manageriale necesare pentru asigurarea in permanenta, pe orice tura, la Salonul de Terapie Intensiva nou-nascuti, a numarului de asistente medicale prevazut de dispozitiile legale in vigoare.

Totodata, Gigel Oprea, electrician in cadrul spitalului, si-a indeplinit in mod superficial obligatia prevazuta in fisa postului, de intretinere in stare de functionare a instalatiilor electrice, cu prilejul verificarii efectuate in data de 13 august 2010, neconstatand detensionarea elementelor elastice ale prizei, de la care s-a declansat incendiul, respectiv pierderea caracteristicii de strangere/apasare a lamelelor de contact bipolar.

Concluziile expertizei tehnice realizate de Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Securitate Miniera si Protectie Antiexploziva - Insemex din Petrosani au fost in sensul ca incendiul izbucnit s-a datorat supraincalzirii elementelor de contact ale stecherului montat pe cablul de alimentare cu energie electrica al aparatului de aer conditionat.


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