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Dust in the public eye

'The College of Romanian Physicians (CMR) asks that medical personnel, medical assistants and physicians be tried whilst free and considers the investigation of the Giulesti maternity tragedy as "dust in the eyes of public opinion."

"The presumption of innocence should be considered first. I know how capable we are of making a circus (..) of it but we have to show solidarity and firmly state our position: we cannot sentence a person whom we have imprisoned until trial, a person whose only guilt is that she left (the ward) for 12 minutes because she was by herself. We agree that she should not have been absent," Vasile Astarastoae, the President of the National CMR, declared Friday, during a meeting in Tulcea of the Council. (Agerpres. )

During this meeting, the members of the Council approved sending a message in this regard, a message based on the expertise of specialists, including those of the Commission of anesthesia and intensive therapy of the professional organization (Florina's note: here he kind of mumbles the words.. I suspect there is another professional organization, and there is a commission here that had analyzed what happened = unclear, it reminds me of the wood language "limba de lemn" used many years ago in the communist jargon).

Back to the text: This letter (doesn't say to whom it is addressed: to the judge? to the investigator?) expresses concern  regarding the way the investigation is conducted and asks that the medical personnel be freed pending trial.

"Those who have frozen the jobs, those who have not financed them and those who have even manipulated public opinion are doing just fine (bine mersi) and a human being who was on call by herself rather than helped by four or six assistants, with a miserable salary.. this human being is the only guilty one. The chief medical doctor (Florina's note: probably he has Toma in mind) who was not present is accused of erroneous shift scheduling. What did he do wrong? If you only have so many people, can you clone them into two? I cannot even tell you how many reports he wrote in regard to un-blocking the job positions. This tragedy happened now.. but is it necessary for a tragedy to happen in order to free up these jobs?"  said Vasile Astărăstoae, unhappily.

In his opinion, the present investigation is only "dust in the eyes of the public opinion' since there are no judicial reasons whatsoever that back up those of which the medical assistant remains accused as well as the continuation of the criminal investigation against the department head.

(Florina's note: This last sentence has been inspired by their own legal dept. I think. Arastasoe, obviously, wants to defend his own - Dr. Toma and I'm surprised that in a hospital there is a Doctor who does the scheduling and not the head nurse. It's a shame that this doctor is under criminal investigation, although he was on vacation, and that scumbag, Marinescu is still whistling)

Moreover, the National Union Confederation Meridian has expressed its disapproval concerning the accusation brought against Florentina Carstea, arrested after Aug.16 events and asked authorities that she be judged whilst in liberty.'

Florina, thank you so much, once again. She has also discovered that Meridien (Florentina's union) asked for her release two weeks ago, but it had absolutely ZERO press coverage (great work, journalists, bravo...) - here's a small piece in a local paper from Iasi. It was only a few days ago however that the tribunal announced its verdict that Florentina would remain in jail for a further 30 days (see antena 3, todays news) - an outrageous, simply senseless and ILLEGAL ruling based on nothing whatsoever...

The Romanian justice system is that of a banana republic no less - it has no concept of who is guilty and who is not, just who has money and who has not, who is useful to further judge's careers, minister's pockets, and who is not. I still cannot believe, hand on heart, that Vantu has been released while investigations into his very clear-cut case of guilt continue and even more so when you consider the very plausible probability that it was Traian Basescu himself who had him arrested in the first place... It is a joke, frankly - especially when you look at the two judges who voted in favour of his release... Viorica Costiniu's own husband Florin (head of the Civilian Section of the High Court of Justice and Cassation) was arrested involved in the Voicu case, though later released (see press reviews 12 and 13 April 2010 in EVZ), which, as we see today, certainly is not a reference of innocence. According to some judicial sources, judge Costiniu was accused of having allegedly intervened, at Catalin Voicu’s request for a favourable solution for Costel Casuneanu’s case which eventually was closed with an unfavourable verdict for the businessman. Viorica Cosiniu heavily influenced and finally persuaded Luciana Mera to side with her own vote in releasing Vantu (sound familiar?) whilst the third judge stood firm on her opinion that he should remain jailed. Question: if Costiniu's husband is still under investigation for manipulating a sentencing, how is it possible for her to be an impartial judge in such a case? How much trust can be placed in her hands? If her husband is mixed up with the likes of Voicu, then...and how did she convince Luciana Mera? Can the woman not think for herself? Can she not take a case and analyse it? Does she not know the law? Judges?! Huh! Not on your life! there was only one out of the three who was honest and had a brain in her head. Result: Vantu is forbidden to leave Corbeanca. Wow. Tough love.

Furthermore, the infamous general, Mihai Chitac, who ordered the killings in '89, will be released next Thursday, according to a decision of the Bucharest Tribunal.... that criminal, who has so many lives on his conscience... So, Marius Iacob must surely be envigled in that somewhere - after all, he was the one who said no one would be standing trial for crimes of 1989... It's such a hodge-podge of names, names that keep overlapping, names that we see are so intertwined: Iacob, Oprescu, Marinescu, Vantu, Nazat...all linked inextricably...

So, let me get this straight...Vantu, who is nothing short of mafioso and Chitac who is a known and loathed murderer guilty of what should be war crimes, will be walking free as birds whilst Florentina Carstea remains banged up behind bars because her only incomparable misdemeanour was a 12 minute absence from her post wherein a fire started caused by others' incompetence (Marinescu, Toma, Dima). She was alone also due to the incompetence of others (ward director Toma, Marinescu, Ranga, Savu, Oprescu and Cseke). She is locked up for being not guilty. That is the Romanian justice system. For if you actually murder people or are part of a mafia, you get to walk free. Florentina Carstea doesn't have a lawyer like Nazat to represent her. Such a gross abuse of justice is hard to believe and if I wasn't seeing it for myself, i think I would refuse to accept it could even be true... I can only say shame, shame and shame again... When it's possible to pay your way through the justice system and freedom is a simple transaction under the table, then it's not only the Giulesti tragedy that is dust in the eyes of public opinion, but the very term 'justice' right across the board. What does it stand for? Nothing. Nothing at all. One cannot trust it. One cannot respect it. One cannot fight for it. It epitomises the core of democracy and spits on the graves of every revolutionary or partisan who gave their lives for it since the beginning of time - and in Roumania's case, since the beginning of communism under Groza.

And if anyone thinks I'm going to shut up and let this drop...well, you can think again. WHY isn't her union moving heaven and earth to have her released? Order of Nurses, midwives and medical assistantsn what about you, guys? Come on! Do something, Mr Timofte. There is NO reason for her to be in jail until the trial date (which is...when exactly?), we all know that. Isn't that what unions like Meridien are supposed to do? They should be organising a more high profiled lawyer with a great deal more experience, establishing demonstrations, making more noise in the press and on air...shame on them, too, for being so useless. That's unions for you - all hot air and zero action when push comes to shove. Maitre Soldea, you are too quiet - where is the aggressivity that Popescu showed at his appeal? Please do not make us doubt your ability to represent Florentina. I cannot fathom this absence of outcry, this assimulation of acceptance to let this woman carry the can for all the maux du pays... It is simply fantastic - inhuman and ultimately unforgiveable.

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